Australia builds for climate change

Date: June 30,2016Posted By: dev-site

Building for Environmental Sustainability   The Green Building Council Australia (GBCA) has joined forces with the World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) to deliver on the ambitions of the Paris Agreement and tackle climate change, playing a national leadership role in advancing the dialogue, innovation and delivery of a number of mandatory and voluntary environmental sustainability …read more

Date: June 29,2016Posted By: dev-site

 ICT strategies for growth in the building trade   Today, building industries have to accept that Information Communication Technology (ICT) is likely to evolve the nature of the industry over time; and for building consultants, the success of implementing technology depends on two integral strategy questions: How can we use ICTs to earn money? and, …read more

Date: June 02,2016Posted By: dev-site

1 June 2016  Enriched with old world heritage and revived by its recent renovation, The London Hotel Paddington will host Sydney’s Building Construction Industry ‘MeetUp’ held Friday, June 10. The London is a great venue for a beer or bite on a Friday afternoon. We’re excited to connect with genuine people and talk about industry …read more

Date: May 16,2016Posted By: dev-site

Tell your sweetheart you haven’t gone insane, you’re doing what every man does when they need down time: building a man cave! She might say it’s overboard, extravagant, unfair but you can tell her it’s your yoga studio if you like. At Approve it HQ, we are all about building projects!! So go ahead, shout …read more

Date: April 21,2016Posted By: dev-site

The new Australian construction industry website ‘Approve it HQ’ launches its ‘GONE LIVE’ campaign to the residential and commercial builders in two weeks and asks builders and construction industry stakeholders to  head over to the new website, built with the industries’ needs in mind and join the prelaunch sign-up. WHAT CAN APPROVE IT HQ DO …read more