DA Compliance and Council Approvals

Building Development – Getting your DA Building Permit

Welcome to Approve it HQ!! We have built this site to help you easily manage your building and renovation projects, and that starts with getting your Council’s tick of approval.

Development approvals can be tricky with many legal obligations.

How you go about it depends on your Council’s regulations, and you will need to check out the application process with your local Council. Building permits work hand in hand with your Council and your builder; whether your builder is organising the permit or you are hiring a building surveyor through your Council, you will find Approve it HQ a valuable resource to help you organise your building project from start to finish.

How to apply for a building permit

1. Check if you need a DA/building permit
2. Collate documentation to submit to your local Council

To get your development approval, you will need to fill out forms from your Council using their checklist to make sure all the relevant information is included.

Building permits application

Once the plans and structural details are complete, and you have all the required documents, you are ready to apply for a building permit.

Building certifier assessment

Your application and building site will need to be assessed by a professional building and land surveyor, who will ensure that your proposal complies with relevant Australian Standards.

Building permit issued

Building approvals incur a fee so check with your local Council.

How you can use Approve it HQ to save money

If you know, you will need a licensed builder to manage your work and get the building permit, taking the first steps in getting your Council application can help you reduce costs. By getting your Council documents, you can then upload for consultants to review and quote. This gives the consultant an idea of what your plans are and they can then provide you the information you are after. –Giving you more options.


Approve it HQ can help you:


  • Find a licensed builder
  • Manage your DA Building Permit application process
  • Provide advanced search filter options to help you find your specific needs
  • Find trusted building consultants
  • Work seamlessly through each development stage
  • Professional online platform to manage your building portfolio



Get your Development Approval happening now

With Approve it HQ’s help, you can easily access the experts you need and use our website portal to manage your building project through each development stage.

If you are in any of these situations

  • Deciding to build or renovate and are not sure how to go about it.
  • Intending to manage your DA building permit process yourself.
  • Weighing up your options, seeking help in preparing your plans and application.
  • Seeking building experts to draw up your design plans.
  • In need of an engineer or building surveyor for a residential or commercial project.

You have come to the right place. Firstly, you will need to contact your local Council to get the application form, then get your project started by following our easy membership sign up. 

With Approve it HQ getting your building project done has never been easier, you can get hundreds of different reports without having to research through multiple companies and chase quotes.

Takes less than five minutes!