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Traffic Engineering

Traffic engineering is a branch of civil engineering that implement engineering techniques in order to ensure safety and efficient transport of people and roadway export. A traffic engineer will research for safe and efficient traffic flow methods using geometry, sidewalks and crosswalks, cycling infrastructure, traffic signs, road surface markings and traffic lights. The traffic engineer will report on the functional part of transportations, typically engineering projects involving design traffic control, device installations and modifications, including traffic signals, signs, and pavement markings. Traffic engineering will include analysis and reports on traffic safety, compiled by examining locations with high crash rates and developing countermeasure infrastructure to reduce crashes.
A traffic engineer may provide a short-term report on traffic flow management, preparing construction traffic control plans, detour plans for pedestrian and vehicular traffic. They will also prepare reports for long-term, estimating commercial developments on traffic patterns. Traffic engineering is increasingly using technology to implement the most accurate transportation systems; these new methods are closely linked with the engineering branches of computer and electrical engineering.

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