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Structural Engineer

Structural engineers are an important component of the construction process. They analyse, plan, and research the different structural components and systems that are needed to achieve the design goal and ensure the safety and comfort of the occupants. Their main focus is safety, technical, economic, and environmental concerns while achieving the aesthetic look desired.

Most structural engineers will have taken the time to be accredited by Engineers Australia and will be able to provide you their license numbers to verify against the National Engineering Register (NER).

The right structural engineer will work closely with your architect, civil engineer, electrical engineer, surveyor, or construction company to ensure you are getting the design you want while ensure the safety of your new structure or addition.

Important things to know about Structural Engineers

Getting a Structural Engineering inspection is a critical part of the development process as it addresses the below:

  • Structural engineers will ensure your structure is built to be strong enough and stable enough to resist all appropriate loads like gravity, wind, snow, rain, seismic, earth pressure, temperature, and traffic to prevent or reduce loss of life or injury.
  • The plans will be created to ensure the structure is stiff enough to not deflect or vibrate beyond acceptable limits.
  • Fatigue of the structure will be evaluated to ensure that it withstands a large number of stress cycles.
  • Will provide recommendation of materials that will withstand possible deterioration that may impair performance.

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