Approve it HQ Building Industry 24/7 cyberspace watchdog


Australian startup ‘Approve it HQ’ has launched a new website paving the way through technology for the construction industry.

Approve it HQ CEO Mr Michael Burford said he is thinking toward the future of the construction industry and has built the Approve it HQ website to offer next generation solutions to residential and commercial builders, a disruptive environment creating equal opportunities.

“Homeowners and property developers pay big consultancy and contractor fees because the industry is bottlenecked,” Mr Burford said.

Approve it HQ will alleviate the mistrust in the sector through its client reviews and payment system Escrow CheckVault.

The website will provide residential homeowners with visibility on registered building organisations and completed jobs are rated on performance-customer satisfaction. Payment problems will also be addressed through the third party CheckVault Escrow system.

“The building industry suffers from numerous workflow problems and debt is a huge factor for contractors. I am owed over a hundred thousand dollars for jobs that I’ve completed so the new CheckVault Escrow system will be a major benefit for both parties,” Mr Burford said.

Master Builders Australia has also called for stricter rules to ensure better governance of registered industrial organisations in response to the Royal Commission’s Issues Paper, Duties of Union Officials.

“MBA’s submission proposes a new character test as a precondition for assuming management or control of an employee or employer association,” said CEO of Master Builders Australia, Mr. Wilhelm Harnisch. “People with management and control of registered organisations would need to prove they have not been convicted of certain criminal and civil offences before being appointed. This test would be the first hurdle that would need to be passed.

“The test would provide members of registered organisations and the community with more confidence in the suitability of officials of industrial organisations and the responsible discharge of their duties,” Mr. Harnisch said.