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Civil Engineer

Today’s buildings and structures were provided by Civil Engineers. Civil engineers design, plan, test and manage the construction of everything from residential properties to sewer systems to bridges to high rise building.

A civil engineer will read an architect’s drawings, review the materials chosen, and ensure the structure will be strong enough to hold the height and design chosen. They may also review to see what impact the construction will have on the surrounding environment. It is a civil engineer’s responsibility to ensure the construction produced is safe, economical, and environmentally sound.

Most civil engineers will have taken the time to be accredited by Engineers Australia and will be able to provide you their license numbers to verify against the National Engineering Register (NER).

Important things to know about Civil Engineers

Getting a Civil Engineer is a critical part of the development process as it addresses the below:

  • Civil engineers will review the architectural designs and materials recommended
  • Their foremost concern is with the safety of the proposed structure
  • Environmental aspects play an important part in the construction process and will be taken in to account when managing your project
  • Will monitor the construction process and take steps to modify plans as needed

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