How It Works

See below for step by step instructions on how to use this site as a client.
See below for step by step instructions on how to use this site as a consultant.
1Creating an Account

Click the ‘Start Now’ button, which you can access from the main menu or homepage.

Create an account by entering Name, Phone Number, Email etc.


Creating an Account
2Starting a Project

Go to My account in the main menu, then click on the “Get a Quote” tab.

Upload your architect plans or council documents, outlining what work and reports are needed.

Set the due dates that you need the reports well in advance of any deadlines. If you have not accepted a quote 4 days before your deadline, we will notify all of your consultants.

Enter the project’s location, suburb and postcode.

CheckVault – We recommend choosing CheckVault as it protects you from poor workmanship: your funds are held by CheckVault until you have confirmed that work has been completed satisfactorily.

Select the reports you require (the documents you received from the council will show you what reports are needed, or your architect should have informed you).

For every report you require you should select at least four consultants to quote. If your job is urgent, tick the ‘Urgent Select All’ box to get quotes from all consultants.

You can then create an account or log in.

Finally, tick that you have read and agree to Approve it HQ terms and conditions and submit your quote request.

Starting a Project
3Receiving Quotes

You will receive notification by email when someone has quoted on one of your projects. Login and click on the Received Quotes tab.

This tab shows a list of all the quotes you have received, the Consultants quoting and their quote information.

Once you’ve decided which quote to accept simply click the Approve Quote button on the right hand side of the tab. This will notify the Consultant that you have approved their quote. You can then finalise payment directly with the Consultant.

Receiving Quotes
4Viewing Your Projects

After logging in, click on the Your Projects tab to see a list of your current projects. You can view project details by clicking on the project name.

By clicking on the “Send to all Consultants” button, all the consultants for that report type will be asked to quote on your project.

Viewing Your Projects
5Leaving Feedback

10 days after your project due date you will get an email from Approve it HQ prompting you to review the consultant who did the work for you. This review helps others decide who to choose for their building project.

Leaving Feedback
1Creating an Account

From the home page, select ‘Get Started’ under the Service Provider banner.

Fill in you company’s information, create a log in and click ‘Sign Up Now as a Consultant’.

You will now be able to log in and view open jobs, and your business will be promoted to owner-builders and renovators looking for quotes for the services you provide.

Creating an Account
2Becoming Verified

Before you can quote on jobs we need to verify your business. When you log in you will see a notification to complete your account, click on the link or go to the My Account tab and complete the following:

  • Company insurance documents must be uploaded to your profile so can verify them.
  • You can also add any accreditation/awards your company has. This will improve your profile.
  • Enter the types of reports your provide and where your business is located.
  • Select the payment methods your company accepts. (We recommend using CheckVault as it helps protect you from non-payment. Click the create CheckVault account link to set up an account.)
Becoming Verified
3Quoting on Open Jobs

Log in and click on the ‘Open Jobs’ tab. This shows a list of projects that are open for quoting. You can filter available jobs by report type and by state.

For project specifications, click on the ‘View Documents’ button.

To send a quote simply click the ‘Send Quote’ button and upload your quote and a short message.

Finally, enter your credit card details for the $2.99 fee to send your quote.

Quoting on Open Jobs
4Viewing Your Quotes

Log in and click on the “My Quotes” tab.

This lists all the quotes that you have sent, organised by:

Accepted, Pending, Declined and Completed Quotes.

You will be notified by email when your quote is accepted. Contact the client directly to arrange payment details and begin work.

A quote is marked as completed after the due date of the project.

Viewing Your Quotes
5Updating your Account

Log in and click on the ‘My Account’ tab.

Update any information here.

Updating your Account

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