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Drainage Design Engineer

Frequent flooding of your project is not an option. A drainage design engineer will inspect your site to predict storm water runoff from major storms, controlled storm water drainage, or subsurface drainage. They will design a drainage system that is right for your site and may contain a storm sewer, culver, inlet, ditches, stabilized outlet, and/or a storm water basin.

They can also perform hydrologic/hydraulic analysis, drainage studies, drainage investigations, floodplain/floorway analysis, and provide hydraulic reports for construction certificates.

Important things to know about Drainage Design Engineers

Getting a Drainage Design Engineer is a critical part of the development process as it addresses the below:

  • Inspection and design of drainage systems using several different methods
  • Creation of a watershed and storm water master plans
  • Analysis, studies, and reporting for water drainage
  • Culvert designing

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