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Environmental Engineer

Environmental engineers primary focus is protecting the environment through the assessment of the impact a project may have on the air, water, soil, and noise levels in the area. They study the project’s design, construction and operation to minimise the adverse effects that it will have on the environment.

Environmental engineers may also be involved in removing problems caused by past activities, like industrial soil contamination to make it safe for residential construction. They review and predict what problems may be cause by oil or other spills and predict the long term effect on the environment.

They can plan and design equipment and procedures for the safe treatment or disposal of waste material. Conservation and the wise use of natural resources is generally incorporated in their plans or recommendations. They are involved in the research and development of alternative energy sources, water reclamation, waste treatment, and recycling.

Important things to know about Environmental Engineers

Getting an Environmental Engineer is a critical part of the development process as it addresses the below:

  • Preserving the heritage landscape of Australia
  • Ensuring the air, water, soil, or noise level are safe prior to construction
  • Creating and recommending alternative energy sources

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