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EPA Check

An Environment Protection Authority (EPA) check ensures controlled management of industry and landowner building developments and involves implementing government regulations and requirements, in order to ensure a safe, eco-friendly work environment. Some of the areas an EPA consultant will investigate are air quality, odour management, pesticides, waste and recycling, contaminated land, radiation control, dangerous goods, water pollution and reporting pollution. Any landowners, contractors, or building development stakeholders will need an EPA specialist to prepare a report on any one of the preceding areas. EPA consultants will review and inform with the governing associations in order to enforce the proper environmental legal codes before your building project starts. An EPA check is also frequently used to protect human, animal and forestry health; contaminated sites can be anywhere but are known to occur in heavy industry or chemically intensive areas. They can also occur on residential properties, where lead-based paints or excessive pesticides are used.

Important things to know about your EPA check

Getting an EPA check is an important requirement, an EPA specialist will assist your in a wide variety of services, including:

  • Contaminated site assessment and remediation
  • Environmental planning
  • Environment protection licenses
  • Due diligence and pre-purchase property assessments
  • Legislation and compliance
  • Environmental auditing
  • On-going environmental monitoring and management services for industry

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