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Property Dilapidation Reports

A dilapidation building report is an inspection with a written report, which includes photographs of a building or property that is undertaken prior to construction works commencing on an adjoining property. The proposed works can include a new unit building house, factory, office block etc. (particularly if there are underground garages), and alterations to a retaining wall, demolition, underground tunneling or road works. Councils usually request a dilapidation report prior to starting construction on commercial and domestic sites. Bonds taken can be returned in completion of construction if the outside of a building site such as pathways, kerbing, drainage, road and any other conditions of surrounding Council property are not damaged. Dilapidation survey reports are now an important part of the construction or demolition process.

Important things to know about Dilapidations

Getting a Dilap report is a critical part of the development process as it addresses the below:

  • Mitigate any risk of damage to assets owned by council or adjoining properties
  • Get reports independently prepared by experts who are able to identify any pre-existing conditions
  • Cover all pre and post construction requirements
  • Choose your preferred surveyor, based on quality and service rating

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