Building Your Solutions

Approve it HQ has one goal in mind – to streamline your construction process and improve outdated industry methods by providing fast access to high-quality building consultants.

  • quickly find the right building industry expert
  • enjoy a next generation quotation platform
  • review your options for cost-effective solutions

With Approve it HQ, you can have full assurance that you’ve been able to select the right people for the right task at the right time, and a little extra relief that you don’t have to rely on your old uncle Bob recalling that builder he used seven years ago.

Approve it HQ’s founder has ensured that the interface includes a quotation process enabling you to break ground faster and get your building project underway.

  • no more sifting through hundreds of dubious search engine results
  • no more flipping through a physical telephone directory or outdated database
  • no more tramping around industry trade shows in a quest for tailored expertise
  • no more relying on word of mouth to find the right expert for your project

Now, instead of searching the massive haystack of the internet, the phone book, or a trade show, hoping to find just the consultant with the needle-sharp insight to tackle your unique project, you can simply bookmark Approve it HQ and have access to a searchable data base of reliable, pre-screened, industry experts. Too easy!

Approve it HQ speeds up your building journey through technology

Approve it HQ’s mission is to take the outdated slow process of finding certified building professionals and infuse a fresh, effective system for property-owners and builders.

  • technology-enhanced one-stop shop
  • easy to use website with advanced quotation process

Approve it HQ is spearheading urgent improvements in the building industry by combining time-tested best practices with an advanced, 21st Century interface. We’re all about connecting you with the best trades people through technology so you can enjoy your building project from beginning to end.

Approve it HQ boasts one of Australia’s largest network of specialist building consultants, and that means you get to source the very best building experts for your specific needs. Through Approve it HQ you have access to pre-approved and certified consultants including:

  • Architects
  • Surveyors
  • CAD building designers
  • Engineers
  • Structural GO technical
  • Civil engineers
  • Builders

Building projects and council approvals take enough time as it is, without you having to suffer unnecessary delays due to lack of communication from your consultant, poor professionalism from un-certified consultants, and the risks of being completely ripped off. With Approve it HQ you can enjoy a streamlined workflow that includes:

  • Access to quotes from your chosen industry consultants
  • Compare quotes from multiple consultants with ease
  • Any project arranged with CheckVault protects both the you the buyer and seller to ensure a positive outcome

Happy clients mean happy consultants, and vice versa. Approve it HQ is all about keeping everyone on task, on time, and on budget.
Approve it HQ was founded by building industry experts to make your life easier.

Approve it HQ was created by building consultant and business owner Michael Burford to meet an urgent need for the modern owner-builder to have quick access to qualified building consultants. Michael’s industry experience includes working with Australia’s most reputable construction companies on projects like:

  • The Gold Coast casino
  • The Northwest rail link
  • Pacific Highway upgrades
  • Multiple hospitals
  • Westconnex

Michael and his team at Approve it HQ deliver to you the culmination of years of industry experience so that you can enjoy a high-integrity service backed by experts in the know.

Approve it HQ is growing fast to meet your unique project needs

Approve it HQ is all about creating a service that adds value to the building industry. We’re proud to be one of Australia’s fastest growing networks of specialist building consultants.

  • Connecting building experts and owner-builders Australia-wide
  • Free instant access to a network of experts ready to meet your needs

The Approve it HQ team has big ambitions to become the number one, premium go-to resource for owner-builders and private renovators across Australia. Because building is a core part of the Australian way of life.