Top 5 Ways to Build the best Man Cave

man drinking beer outdoor garden shed

Tell your sweetheart you haven’t gone insane, you’re doing what every man does when they need down time: building a man cave! She might say it’s overboard, extravagant, unfair but you can tell her it’s your yoga studio if you like. At Approve it HQ, we are all about building projects!! So go ahead, shout her a shopping trip while you head out the back to start building. Get started in the right direction with the style that suits your home and budget, we have compiled our five top tips to building the best man cave ever.


1. The DIY budget man cave

There are a thousand and one ways to build a man cave on a budget. If you have space but things are a bit tight try and DIY, scrounge around the internet for your inspiration, you’re sure to find projects to suit your wallet like these ones below.


A beer barrel made into a bed
Via intash



Approve it HQ’s favourite pick: Pallet Bar

via diyready

2.The ‘Shed’ man cave

If you’re reading, you probably have one or have plans to build one. This ‘Shed’ man cave below is pretty deluxe but any shed will do. Board it up, style it and put your favourite pics, a couch- TV and of course the minbar for when the mates rock up.


Via Alansfactory outlet

3. Modern man cave

We like the rustic style, it gives you a chance to capture your unique character, though the modern cave is not a bad pick especially when it can be converted into a family entertainment room as well.



4. Man and bike shed

If you’ve just bought your second lover then your long prized new baby needs a decked out workshop where you can admire the piece. The Garage shed is the go!! Garage’s can be tricky as they are most likely shared real estate, but if you have the time to clean out all the junk, then you’ve got the perfect man shed right there.


Via next luxury

5. For the Rustic man

The Rustic shed is the all-rounder. Multi-purpose, functional and can be utilised for parties and play time with the family.


via hgtv


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